At the 9th Conference on Model-Based Evidence on Innovation and Development (MEIDE), held on June 16-17, 2016 in Moscow, Russia, Pierre Le Mouël, Boris Le Hir, Arnaud Fougeyrollas, Paul Zagamé and Baptiste Boitier presented the I3U project and the NEMESIS model in their paper, Toward a macro-modelling of European Innovation Union: The contribution of the NEMESIS model.

The paper presents the methodology adopted to represent innovation in NEMESIS, a Large Scale Multi-Sectoral model for EU-28 countries, widely used for the assessment of EU R&I policies. While the previous version of the model was based on R&D only, in this new version the range of innovation inputs was extended to investments in ICT and in a set of OI assets (Software and Training). It allows for the improved representation of innovation in service sectors and the diversity of the innovation strategies adopted by the different countries and production sectors. This new version of NEMESIS considerably enriches the range of R&I policies that can be assessed with the model, that is currently mobilized to achieve in-depth assessment of the European Innovation Union in the context of the I3U research project.