The first cluster: Strengthening the knowledge base and reducing fragmentation

  • Member state strategies for researcher training and employment conditions;
  • Personalised university rankings and “Knowledge Alliances and Skills for Innovation”;
  • Proposing an integrated framework for e-skills;
  • European research area communication;
  • Constructing priority European research infrastructures;
  • EU research and innovation programmes;
  • SMEs in research and innovation programmes;
  • Strengthened scientific base for policy making through JRC; Forum on FLA;
  • Setting out an EIT strategic agenda.

How I3U is approaching the first cluster of commitments

The second cluster: Getting good ideas to market

  • Put in place EU-level financial instruments to attract private finance;
  • Access to finance – venture capital;
  • Access to finance – matching;
  • Review state aid framework for R&D&I;
  • Deliver the EU Patent;
  • Screen the regulatory framework in key areas;
  • Standardisation strategy for Europe;
  • Public procurement – Commission support;
  • Eco-innovation;
  • Creative industries and the European Design Leadership Board;
  • Open access to research results / research information services;
  • Facilitating effective collaborative research and knowledge transfer;
  • Develop a European knowledge market for patents and licensing;
  • Safeguard against the use of IPRs for anti-competitive purposes.

How I3U is approaching the second cluster of commitments

The third cluster: Governance of innovation

  • Maximising social and territorial cohesion;
  • The European Social Innovation Pilot;
  • The Public Sector Innovation Scoreboard;
  • The Research Programme on Public Sector and Social Innovation;
  • Consulting social partners on interaction between the knowledge economy and the labour market;
  • European Innovation Partnerships;
  • Retaining and attracting international talent;
  • Scientific cooperation with third countries;
  • Roll-out global research infrastructures;
  • Member States’ R&I systems;
  • Developing an innovation headline indicator and the Innovation Union Scoreboard.

How I3U is approaching the third cluster of commitments