Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleWP NumberLead BeneficiaryTypeDue Date (Month)
Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleWP NumberLead BeneficiaryTypeDue Date (Month)
D1.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP1UiOReport10
D1.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP1UiOReport22
D1.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP1UiOReport30
D2.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP2WERI-SGHReport10
D2.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP2WERI-SGHReport22
D2.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP2WERI-SGHReport30
D3.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP3ULBReport10
D3.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP3ULBReport22
D3.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP3ULBReport30
D4.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP4ZEWReport10
D4.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP4ZEWReport22
D4.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP4ZEWReport30
D5.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP5ZEWReport12
D5.2Review Paper on the Conflict of IP and Competition Laws with Regard to Horizontal Agreement between CompaniesWP5ZEWReport18
D5.3Working Paper on Collaboration Patterns and Characteristics of Companies That Collaborated in FP7 Programs versus Those That Did NotWP5ZEWReport24
D5.4A Register of EU Open Access Portals, Databases, Peer Review Journals Including Information on EU Open Access Journals in Relevant Literature DatabasesWP5ZEWReport28
D5.5Working Paper Containing the Case Study of the Croatian TTOs with the Aim to Identify Possible Problems and Needs for Future InterventionsWP5ZEWReport30
D5.6Working Paper on Quality of Indicators Based on Changes of Ownership of EPO PatentsWP5ZEWReport30
D6.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP6WIIWReport10
D6.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP6WIIWReport22
D6.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP6WIIWReport30
D7.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP7WERI-SGHReport10
D7.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP7WERI-SGHReport22
D7.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP7WERI-SGHReport30
D8.1IU Commitment 33 Report: Comparative Assessment of the Member States Reform ProgramsWP8ISISReport10
D8.2Overall Impact of the Innovation Union Progress as Measured in the IU ScoreboardWP8ISISReport22
D8.3Assessment of the Multi-Governance Innovation Union System EffectivenessWP8ISISReport30
D9.1Synthesis Report Describing the European Innovation System as it Exists at the Time of the ProjectWP9UN-MERITReport12
D9.2Report on Proposals for Modifying the NEMESIS Model, Based on the Analysis of the European Innovation System and the Analysis of the 34 CommitmentsWP9UN-MERITReport18
D9.3Report on How the 34 IU Commitments Relate to the European Innovation System, Including Guidelines on Which Specific Indirect and Interaction Effects to Include in the Evaluation of the Individual CommitmentsWP9UN-MERITReport22
D9.4Report on the State of the European Innovation Union, Including an Analysis of the 34 Commitments, and the Working of the European Innovation SystemsWP9UN-MERITReport34
D10.1Sum Up the Effects to Take into AccountWP10SEURECOReport12
D10.2Implementation in Macro-Sectoral ModelWP10SEURECOReport22
D10.3Definition of a Reference ScenarioWP10SEURECOReport24
D10.4Impact Assessment of Commitments Individually and/or by GroupWP10SEURECOReport30
D10.5Impact Assessment of Commitments Individually as a WholeWP10 SEURECOReport36
D10.6Sensitivity AnalysisWP10SEURECOReport36
D11.1Plan for the Dissemination and Exploitation of the Project's ResultsWP11ISISReport3
D11.2Project Presentation, Including LeafletWP11ISISOther3
D11.3Inception ReportWP11ISISReport6
D11.4Data Management PlanWP11ISISReport6
D11.5Conference MinutesWP11ISISReport34
D11.6Electronic NewslettersWP11ISISOther34