Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleWP NumberLead BeneficiaryTypeDue Date (Month)
Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleWP NumberLead BeneficiaryTypeDue Date (Month)
D1.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP1UiOReport10
D1.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP1UiOReport22
D1.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP1UiOReport39
D2.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP2WERI-SGHReport10
D2.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP2WERI-SGHReport22
D2.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP2WERI-SGHReport39
D3.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP3ULBReport10
D3.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP3ULBReport22
D3.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP3ULBReport39
D4.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP4ZEWReport10
D4.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP4ZEWReport22
D4.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP4ZEWReport39
D5.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP5ZEWReport12
D5.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP5ZEWReport18
D5.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP5ZEWReport39
D6.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP6WIIWReport10
D6.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP6WIIWReport22
D6.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP6WIIWReport39
D7.1Literature Review and Data CollectionWP7WERI-SGHReport10
D7.2State of Implementation and Direct Impact AssessmentWP7WERI-SGHReport22
D7.3Integration in the Eco-SystemWP7WERI-SGHReport39
D8.1IU Commitment 33 Report: Comparative Assessment of the Member States Reform ProgramsWP8ISINNOVAReport10
D8.2Overall Impact of the Innovation Union Progress as Measured in the IU ScoreboardWP8ISINNOVAReport22
D8.3Assessment of the Multi-Governance Innovation Union System EffectivenessWP8ISINNOVAReport39
D9.1Synthesis Report on the European Innovation SystemWP9UN-MERITReport12
D9.2Report on Proposals for Modifying the NEMESIS Model, Based on the Analysis of the European Innovation System and the Analysis of the 34 CommitmentsWP9UN-MERITReport18
D9.3Report on How the 34 IU Commitments Relate to the European Innovation SystemWP9UN-MERITReport22
D9.4Report on the State of the European Innovation Union, Including an Analysis of the 34 Commitments, and the Working of the European Innovation SystemsWP9UN-MERITReport41
D10.1Sum Up the Effects to Take into AccountWP10SEURECOReport12
D10.2Implementation in Macro-Sectoral ModelWP10SEURECOReport22
D10.3Definition of a Reference ScenarioWP10SEURECOReport24
D10.4Impact Assessment of Commitments Individually and/or by GroupWP10SEURECOReport41
D10.5Impact Assessment of Commitments Individually as a WholeWP10 SEURECOReport43
D10.6Sensitivity AnalysisWP10SEURECOReport43
D11.1Plan for the Dissemination and Exploitation of the Project's ResultsWP11ISINNOVAReport3
D11.2Project Presentation, Including LeafletWP11ISINNOVAOther3
D11.3Inception ReportWP11ISINNOVAReport6
D11.4Data Management PlanWP11ISINNOVAReport6
D11.5Conference MinutesWP11ISINNOVAReport43
D11.6Electronic NewslettersWP11ISINNOVAOther43
D11.7Policy BriefsWP11ISINNOVAReport42